Friday, July 24, 2009

Secrets Maroma pt 1

Well, we didn't get to post blog updates while at Secrets Maroma like we thought we would be able to, but it was probably for the better so we could focus a lot more on the experiance than the updates of it. First of all, the Riviera Maya was Incredible! The only thing more beautiful than the beaches and palm trees here was Susan. I recommend this place to ANYONE looking for a perfect relaxing getaway. We were greeted with champagne and cool towels and our room was top notch. We found a drink called the "Miami Vice" which is a PiƱa Colada mixed with a Strawberry Daquiri. Very good! We'll post more when we get the chance to settle down! We miss all of you!

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our wedding

Wow. What an incredible event and celebration. First of all, the Shepherd girls had the church looking AMAZING! What a true reflection of Susan's personality and unique character. Then let me add that having so many awesome guys as groomsmen was very special, an I know Susan feels the same way about her bridesmaids. These were people who have been so important to us in so many areas in our life, and to have them all together was just a great thing to see. I know this will be VERY understated, but Susan was absolutely breathtaking! I am such a lucky guy, and I will never forget the way she looked in that dress. So many people came from all over to help us celebrate, and having them there was very special. The ceremony went well and the reception was a great time. There us so much I could write about it, but I will have to write more about it later since I'm writing this on my phone and our plane is about to leave! We love all of you! -Michael and Susan

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Robot cake

What a surprise! When I came into the rehearsal dinner at Susan's house (which was awesome by the way) I found this Robot Cake waiting for me! A dream come true! - michael

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Marriage license

Well, our journey this weekend began with us going and getting our marriage license. It was a pretty easy process, but as we were going in, a guy was coming out just screaming profanities at the top of his lungs. It made me sad, and I wish the rest of the world could have the love in their lives that we do, but I realize tha it is up to each and every one of us to make sure that we share that love with the people we encounter in our daily lives. We got out of there pretty quickly and ran errands all day. Then, I edited again...all night.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Deck staining

So, our deck had never been stained or waterproofed before we bought the house. Therefore, it was my job to try and get that done. Now, I went into this thinking that it would be a really quick job and I'd still have time to mow. Nope. I only finished half of the deck before it was too dark to see and I ran out of water sealer. Ughhhh. It's looking better though. Hopefully I'll have the motivation to finish it...not to mention the TIME! This was the only time since I've moved in that I felt like I missed renting. Don't worry, I don't feel that anymore. I'm sure that after our first BBQ on the deck with friends and family over I'll be just as happy as before.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

someone sent me flowers....

I got a call on Monday from a florist. I was freaking out at first because I thought it was my florist and that there was a problem with the flowers because she was on her way to my house to make a delivery..

Michael! He sent me flowers...they are beautiful! It was such a surprise!! He is so thoughtful.....

Then...yesterday. I got a call from some lady at a spa. She wanted me to book my mother/daughter spa day.........from Michael Logsdon! This was really a surprise! I can't wait to get a massage and a pedicure! and my mama were out running call. No special delivery was sent to my house while we were gone, no chocolates, no jewelry...nothing. Maybe he is waiting until tomorrow??

Just kiddddding. Thank you milo!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Oh boy, we've had a good day of planning today. Today alone I have gotten the hotel situation figured out for Pastor Michael and Steven Mitchell, I've surprised my Susan with a spa and massage package so that she can relax a little, I've called Susan like A MILLION times with questions and ideas, and I had lunch. Now that I look at it written out, it doesn't seem like I've done a lot, but it sure does feel like it. Susan and her family are probably reading this laughing at me because what they are doing is a THOUSAND times more than what I'm doing...and for that, I definitely thank them.

Please pray for our sanity!!! hahahaha!

oh man...11 DAYS!